Orthogonal Applies Unique Chemistry to Bring
Familiar Techniques to Exciting New Places

model of a molecule

Orthogonal Technology is Based on Environmentally Friendly Fluorinated Chemistry

  • Fluorosolvents and fluoropolymers are non-reactive and non-damaging to organic electronic materials, including OLED
  • Fluorosolvents do not mix with polar or non-polar materials
  • Solvents chosen to have low global warming potential and no ozone depletion
  • Photoresist polymers designed to achieve good coating and fine features

Photolithography is the Method of Choice for Advanced Display and Electronics Manufacturing

  • Developed and perfected over 50 years in semiconductor and display industries
  • High resolution and large area patterning enabled by today's equipment
  • Standardized tool set and deep base of experts across industries
  • Orthogonal's chemicals perform in familiar ways for anyone skilled in the art of photolithography
organic semiconductors

Organic Semiconductors Can Be Used in Exciting New Products

  • Materials made of small molecules and polymers with a variety of semiconducting properties (Light emission, Light absorption, Transconductance, Chemical sensing)
  • Low temperature coating methods allow for truly flexible plastic substrates
  • Tunable properties through molecular design
  • Chemical sensitivity has limited manufacturability
  • Orthogonal has the solution!