Orthogonal Provides the
Solution to OLED Mass Production

OLED Manufacturing is Limited by Current Methods (FMM):

Fine metal mask technology departs from the traditional photolithographic workflow, requiring new equipment and expertise

Substrate sizes are limited

  • TV not possible
  • Throughput low even for small screens
  • Requires cutting of mother glass for evaporator step

Yield is low

  • Color mixing
  • Particle generation

High end FMM equipment commands a premium and can have long lead times

Experts in FMM mass production are difficult to find and expensive to employ

Orthogonal Levels the Playing Field:

  • Every major display manufacturer is already an expert in photolithography
  • Production scanners and coaters are readily available
  • Photolithography yield curves are highly predictable
  • Substrate sizes can be scaled to Gen 10+
orthogonal tech makes better mobile devices

How Can Orthogonal Technology Help Make Better Mobile Devices?

  • Fill factor improvements for mobile phones will help both screen lifetime (especially for blue) and peak brightness
  • Optimize OLED stacks color-by-color
  • Improve manufacturing yields by eliminating FMM alignment
  • Increase manufacturing throughput by eliminating glass cuts