Raynergy Tek and Orthogonal Partner on
Next-Generation Optical Sensors

Raynergy Tek announces a strategic collaboration with Orthogonal Inc. to develop next generation sensor technology based on organic semiconductors. Together they will develop a manufacturing solution for a variety of sensor applications based on a combination of Raynergy’s expertise in organic semiconductor synthesis and device structuring along with Orthogonal’s proprietary photolithographic patterning technology that can be used to structure micron-scale sensing elements using industry standard equipment.

“We see tremendous value in Raynergy’s close relationship with customers in the display and semiconductor industry. They are aggressively working to commercialize this exciting sensing technology and share Orthogonal’s startup DNA,” said Orthogonal co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. John DeFranco. Orthogonal CEO, Dr. Brian Johnston, added, “We really see the value in working closely with another chemical company. Raynergy is helping us quickly build solutions that are gaining traction in the market.”

Dr. Phoebe Tan, CEO of Raynergy Tek, commented, “Orthogonal unlocks a lot of value for us. Customers want not only the best performing devices, but also the ability to affordably manufacture them without large investments in new equipment. Orthogonal’s technical solution comes at the right moment for us. The resulted product photolithography set would be exclusively distributed through Raynergy as part of a joint package of our product.”

The two companies will begin sampling products together to customers in the coming months.

About Raynergy Tek – Raynergy Tek https://www.raynergytek.com/ is the leader in developing chemical materials as high-performance organic semiconductors. Raynergy’s proprietary materials are superior in their capability to tune the absorption wavelength across the visible and infrared regions. Raynergy is focused on emerging applications that include flexible and semi-transparent photovoltaics, next generation image sensors, large-area fingerprint sensors and biometric sensing. Raynergy Tek holds more than 270 patents worldwide.

About Orthogonal Inc.  – Orthogonal is a privately held company that develops advanced materials designed to enable high-resolution patterning of organic electronic materials used to create state-of-the-art electronic devices in customer operations. Orthogonal’s proprietary fluorinated photoresists are unique in their ability to work effectively with a variety of sensitive organic electronic materials. 

For more information please contact us https://orthogonalinc.com/contact/.