Orthogonal Can Help with All of
Your Organic Patterning Needs

Organic Photodetector

  • Orthogonal photoresists can be used to selectively etch organic photodetector materials in a variety of patterns
  • Pixelated arrays down to 5µm, yielding 2500+ dpi resolutions
  • Scalable solution compatible with mass production equipment

Organic TFT

  • Patterning of organic semiconductor (OSC) and/or source/drain electrodes
  • Fine resolution of 5µm or less for high resolution flexible backplanes
  • Process compatible with low temperature plastic substrates and standard equipment

Polymer Electrode Materials

  • Conducting polymers patterned with subtractive process
  • PEDOT:PSS and other materials compatible with Orthogonal photoresist
  • Applications in touch screens and bioelectronics