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OSCoR - The world’s only photoresist system compatible with organic materials.

Surpass today's technology in resolution, capacity and yield with existing photo-sensitive technology.

  • Higher OLED resolution than current systems
  • Lower adoption and manufacturing costs
  • Better for the environment

Find out how OSCoR eclipses Fine Metal Mask

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3000 ppi & Beyond
Non-Toxic & Recyclable
Drop-In Solution


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Pattern a wide variety of semiconducting and conducting materials with current electronic manufacturing equipment and operations.

  • Ultra-high resolution front-plane RGB sub-pixel patterning for OLED VR displays
  • Scalable manufacturing for OLED TV and mobile applications
  • Organic photo sensors for ”Behind-the-Display” mobile security

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OSCoR releases the full potential of display and optical sensor technologies,
including OLED, while streamlining product development and manufacturing.



Rather than ‘reinvent the wheel’, OSCoR fits naturally with existing equipment, processes and expertise to reduce the barriers to market entry.


Lower Cost of
Goods Sold

Next-gen, non-toxic, fluorinated materials slash waste-disposal costs and costs of goods sold.


Fully Scalable,
Proven Technology

Created at Cornell University, developed in Rochester, NY, the birthplace of OLED, and powered by Silicon Valley, OSCoR is ready for deployment to optimize VR, mobile and TV displays and optical sensor technology.